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Welcome to Red Hat EMEA partner programs and enablement.

Designed to attract and nurture talented, trusted, loyal and above all prosperous partners.

Whether you are a new or existing partner, or are considering becoming one, enjoy being a part of the Red Hat partner ecosystem who delivers open source solutions to customers across the globe.

We believe in the power of our partners to enable digital transformation amongst all kinds of businesses. The driving force behind this is the modular and OPEN approach to innovation. So work with us to differentiate yourselves from your competition and maximise the market opportunities in today's digital era.

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Petra Heinrich
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Petra Heinrich
Vice President
Partner & Alliances EMEA

Solution Provider Program

Resell and implement Red Hat technologies and solutions.

Solution driven providers of product, service and integration

  • Free sales & technical training
  • Sales & presales support
  • Transactional discounts available
  • Access to deal registration rebate
  • Technology access (NFRs)

ISV Program

Build and sell software applications.

Creators and sellers of software running on Red Hat

  • Developer support
  • Technology access (NFRs)
  • Application certification
  • Reselling and embedding agreements
  • Go-to-market support

Cloud & Service Provider Program

Offer public clouds built on Red Hat technologies.

Service providers offering cloud, hosting and managed services

  • Global program
  • On-demand consumption based model
  • No start up fees
  • Cloud access: move subscriptions between on premise and cloud

GSI Program

Implement technology solutions for their customers.

System integration and solutions for global enterprise customers

  • Global program
  • Consistent accross all regions
  • Complimentary developer subscription
  • Center of Excellence and Software Solutions Creation Packs

Insights and ideas

Internet of things

It can create new opportunities to connect with customers and partners – as well as oceans of data to collect, store, and analyze.


Standardizing cuts out waste. When we in the technology industry can agree on a standard platform to build on, we spend more time creating and less time maintaining or fixing. So how does OpenStack® fit in?

Open Source

Nearly 50% of business managers say they will increase their investments in collaborative development. Choice and collaboration are where technology is headed.