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Curriculum Application Modernisation and Migration (AMM)

Empowering partners to succeed

Red Hat seeks to empower our partners to address such projects through a learning curriculum that addresses multiple audiences within the partner organisation, as well as extending their knowledge beyond functions and features, to include the soft skills, typically used in a sales or consulting role.

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Application Modernisation and Migration (AMM) Click to zoom

Application Modernisation and Migration refers to key transformational projects within our mutual customer base, which are typically outsourced and/ or driven by partners.

From a migration perspective, this journey takes customers from a proprietary or outdated middleware platform to state-of-the-art, lightweight, modular and cloud-ready middleware and underlying infrastructure that enables our customers to become more productive, safe costs and future-proof their businesses.

Please note:

  • Sales Track is limited to 15 participants
  • Sales Engineer Track is limited to 90 participants
  • Delivery Track is limited to 90 participants
  • When registering for any track please choose your preferred location / date for:

    Phase C–E: In-person Classroom Training (1–3 Days)*:
    31.10.-03.11.2017 in London (UK)
    07.11.-10.11. 2017 in Paris (France) Fully Booked
    14.11.-17.11. 2017 in Rome (Italy)
    * Subject to modifications and amendments

Phase A

Format: Webinar
Time: 2 hours
Audience: sales, pre-sales, consultants, architects, project managers

During this session we will introduce the fundamentals of “Application Modernisation and Migration” and describe why Red Hat enterprise open source technology is integral in driving innovation in today's market-place. We will be sharing sales tips and customer use cases, to demonstrate how Red Hat has used open source software to accelerate transformational projects within customers and help our partners understand what tools are available, through Red Hat, in order to better identify and qualify these types of opportunities within their customers.

Phase B

Format: Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN)
Time: varies dependent on role
Audience: sales, pre-sales, consultants, architects

This portion of the curriculum is self-paced as partners will be directed to OPEN, available through Partner Connect, in order to attend and complete the online course content that exists for our two most commonly used Middleware tools, associated to AMM - Enterprise Application Platform and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Partners completing this coursework and it's associated assessments will gain an accreditation which will count towards their organisation's Partner Program Skill and associated partner tier - Ready, Advanced or Premier.

Note: It is compulsory for attendees moving forward to Phase C, D and E to have completed their relevant OPEN course prior to the face-to-face trainings.

Phase C

Format: In-person Classroom Training
Time: 1 day
Audience: sales (optional), pre-sales, architects

During this classroom course partners will be introduced to the Red Hat methodologies to prepare and host a discovery session with a customer. They will be provided with tools and templates that will allow them to generate value for stakeholder investment, including

  • Identification of relevant stakeholders
  • Key questions to ask
  • Methods for gathering data
  • Creating approach documents
  • Sharing feedback after the Discovery Session

This session will be combination of theory and breakouts.

Phase D

Format: In-person Classroom Training
Time: 2 days
Audience: architects (recommended 2+ years experience)

Abstract: This advanced course will cover the Red Hat best practises for interpreting and effectively utilising the data collected during the “Discovery Session” phase. Attendees will be trained on tools and methodologies that will aid a partner in assessing the information, proposing a solution, managing teaming and piloting the solution to the customer, to ensure successful sign-off.

Phase E

Format: In-person Classroom Training
Time: 1 day
Audience: consultants

During this final phase we will introduce delivery consultants to the Red Hat tools that will aid and accelerate their delivery on a transformational project. This session will also seek to empower consultants to behave as catalysts for change, to further identify and initiate AMM projects within their customers.

Partners investing in the AMM curriculum will be empowered through theory, practical knowledge-transfer and exercises, and receive a base-knowledge for Red Hat tools such as JBoss EAP and Red Hat Openshift Container Platform, to aid customers in transformational projects related to migration or modernisation initiatives.

To partners who have completed all phases of the curriculum, there will also be an opportunity to upgrade their partner status with Red Hat and apply to become a Delivery Partner.

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