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Channeling the digital transformation opportunity

Why Red Hat

Technology is changing the very nature of how we work and the competitive context in which we operate. It helps businesses become more agile, efficient, and competitive. As customers aspire to technology-driven business transformation, Red Hat continues to provide trusted, secure, innovative and supported open source enterprise technology solutions to meet these needs.

Stronger together

Partners have always been an important part of the Red Hat story. The combination of your expertise, intellectual property, and our products is what brings the most value to our customers. Whether you influence customers as a solution provider, independent software vendor (ISV), or global systems integrator (GSI); bundle products as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or ISV; host workloads as a Certified Cloud & Service provider (CCSP); or distribute our products, our collaboration works to our mutual benefit.

Enabling our partners success

Partners drive over 70% of Red Hat bookings, underscoring the importance of these relationships. As customer demands for technology intensify, Red Hat is increasing its investment supporting our partners to ensure they have sustainable ways to achieve growth. Our partner enablement helps you build skills around open, advanced technologies, so you can go to market with outcomebased solutions and drive growth more quickly.

Key aspects of Red Hat Partner Enablement include: Build skills

Red Hat Partner Training Portal

The Red Hat Partner Training Portal provides training and accreditation to partners online. The portal empowers partners to build the skills and knowledge needed to generate increased product and services sales while enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Sales Trainings

Sales Trainings (typically 1-Day Training) will give you an overview about how to match the corresponding Red Hat solutions to your customers needs. We'll give you the necessary competitive information about the benefits of Red Hat solutions over other software vendor approaches and teach you how to add your partner value to customer solutions. Our material contains sales pitches, reference architectures, success stories as well as guide you to our Learning Paths.

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Technical Workshops

Technical Workshops (typically 2/3-Day Workshop) will give pre-sales engineers a deeper understanding about Red Hat products and how to create multi -product solutions to satisfy your customers needs. We'll talk about different architectural approaches and how to integrate Red Hat solutions into existing customer infrastructures. You'll also learn how to add your own service offerings into the solutions. Technical Workshops require some existing basic knowledge and certifications. Each Workshop offers a follow up learning path into the different product knowledge levels up to expert certification exams.

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Our on-demand Partner-Webinars will give you technical and sales information about new and updated products as well as roadmap updates. We also offer solution briefings on hot topics like IoT or Application modernization so that you can match Red Hat solutions to customers needs.

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Red Hat Distance Learning Programs

Red Hat has put together these five comprehensive learning programs that participants can engage with at home or the office to learn everything they need to understand the concepts, the architectural principles and component Red Hat products, for successfully discussing, designing and implementing solutions at a customer site. The so called Red Hat Distance Learning Programs are set up to be fulfilled in 4 weeks and are available for five different topics: Agile integration, Ansible Automation Platform, cloud-native application development, OpenShift for developer, and OpenShift infrastructure.

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Invest in certification

To maximize your skill set and the impact of your organization's technology investments, consider investing in certifications through Red Hat Global Learning Services (GLS).

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