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VIRTUAL - OpenShift 4 Infrastructure Architecture Workshop

Target audience: Architects and Presales


Based on recent developments and the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19, we have established a policy to not run in-person training sessions for the near future. This in-person training (ILT) will be run as a virtual ILT (vILT). Information regarding this change will be communicated via Email to registered attendees. 

The purpose of this virtual workshop is to show attendees the benefits, the architecture, the installation and the operational management of Red Hat ́s Container Platform „OpenShift“ Attendees learn during these two days how to present, design and architect an OpenShift installation on-premise and to install it different public clouds.

The main focus is on the infrastructure of OpenShift there is only very little development in this training.

This workshop covers:
Architecture, Installation, Management, Networking, Storage, Container Runtime Features (CRY-O) modern registry implementation (QUAY), Virtualization (CNV), running on different HW Platforms (Power), running different Solutions (IBM Products on OCP)


You will need a computer/ laptop with a working browser and access to bluejeans.

Having an active Red Hat Partner Connect Account to have access to OPEN (Online Partner Enablement Network). If you do have questions to your personal account either reach out to your internal contact person to be set up in Partner Connect or reach out to the Red Hat EMEA Partner Team ( Please see our "How to Guide" to join an existing partner company account.

The following open courses need to be completed prior to attending this workshop:

Recommended OPEN courses as follow-up (after the OpenShift 4 Infrastructure Architecture Workshop):



After attending this virtual workshop you know how to architect and install an OpenShift environment, explain CRI-O, Istio and other “state of the art” tools to manage and meter OpenShift. Explain the integration of development tools, the options and how to install applications from other vendors on OpenShift (IBM, SAP,….).

Please see above the recommended OPEN courses as follow-up.


Day 1 via Bluejans:

9:00 Welcome and Intro    
9:25 OpenShift - the platform for great ideas
10:15 OpenShift Architecture
11:00 BREAK        
11:15 OpenShift Architecture
12:00 Introduction HandsOn Lab 1
14:00 CoreOS and CRI- The new container framework
15:00 HandsOn Lab 2 "Build a Container with Buildah"
16:00 OpenShift Plattform Installation
17:00 WrapUp End of Day 1

Day 2 via Bluejeans:

9:00 Introduction Day2
9:15 OpenShift Operator Framework        
10:00 HandsOn Lab 3: “Installing OpenShift 4”
12:00 Container Native Virtualisation
12:30 Modern Registry Management (QUAY)
13:00 Break            
14:00 HandsOn Lab 4: “Creating an App in OpenShift
15:00 OpenShift roadmap 
16:30 Q&A and Feedback 
17:00 End of day two




16 – 17 Jun 20


Virtual Event via BlueJeans Meeting

General requirements

  • These trainings are for Red Hat Partners only!
  • All trainings (workshops, sales days, etc.) are available in ENGLISH ONLY!
  • Any question about your partner status or how to become a Red Hat Partner - get in contact with our partner team.
  • Bring your own laptop with a working browser!

Access to OPEN

Most of the trainings require prerequisites: online courses that have to be enrolled in OPEN (Online Partner Enablement Network). You need to have an active Red Hat Partner Account to access OPEN.

Please see our "How to Guide" to join an existing partner company account. If you do have questions in regards to this please contact the EMEA Partner Team.

Attendee Statements

Red Hat OpenShift Infrastructure Architecture Workshop - Hursley, UK:

"Brilliant Workshop by an outstanding, skilled and motivated teacher"

Georg Ember (IBM)

Agile Integration Technical Workshop - Madrid, Spain:

"Agile Integration is a key component for successful digital transformation and Red Hat provides an extensive portfolio for this market!"

Norbert Steiner (Computacenter AG & Co oHG)