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Architecture workshop - Open Hybrid Cloud

Target audience: Sales Engineer

Video Abstract:

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The purpose of this workshop is to show attendees the benefits of Red Hat's Open Hybrid Cloud architecture. Based on actual use cases the attendees will get insight into how to architect and build cloud solutions scaling from the on-premise environments out to geographical distributed public cloud environments.
The workshop is based on Red Hat's Open Hybrid Cloud initiative and addresses also multiple cloud environments.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Elastic solutions scaling dynamically to public cloud(s)
  • Storage solutions taking advantage of public cloud storage
  • Resilience and disaster recovery options
  • How to build this with security in mind
  • How to develop or adapt the software to get the maximum out of this


Experience with Red Hat OpenShift Container Plattform (OCP) and Public Cloud services at the operation side.

Architecture workshop - OpenShift infrastructure


Day 1:
9:00 | Welcome and Intro
9:15 | Hybrid Cloud introduction, a technology overview
10:15 | Use cases for Hybrid cloud architectures
11:00 | Break
11:15 | Existing customer architectures and projects, LH Technic, SNAM, Audi, S-IT Solutions
12:00 | Break
13:00 | How to manage and control hybrid cloud solutions; Adv. Cluster Management; upcoming technologies like Hypershift
14:30 | Automation with Ansible
15:00 | Break
15:15 | Storage solutions for Hybrid Cloud Enviroments; OpenSHift Data Services / Data Fondation; Cloud Storage offerings in public cloud enviroments
16:30 | Wrap Up
17:00 | End of Day 1

Day 2:
9:00 | Introduction Day 2
9:15 | Managing Applications with an enterprise registry service; Red Hat QUAY used to support Open Hybrid Cloud Environment
10:00 | Pervasive Security Management Solutions for the Hybrid Cloud; Advanced Cluster Security
11:00 | Break
11:15 | Networking technologies that will work with the challenges of Open Hybrid Cloud Solutions; Service Mesh; Multi-Cluster networking /Load Balancer; Skupper; API Management Solutions
12:30 | Break
13:30 | How to build software ready for the Open Hybrid Cloud; Server less / Cloud Native; Quarkus; IA & ML Solutions; Kafka and MQ
15:00 | Wrap Up and End




14 – 15 Jun 23

Online instructor-led

Virtual (instructor-led)

09 – 10 Aug 23

Online instructor-led

Virtual (instructor-led)

18 – 19 Oct 23

Online instructor-led

Virtual (instructor-led)

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