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VIRTUAL HANDS-ON WORKSHOP - Developing with Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java

Target audience: Consultants, Developers and Architects


Please use the following code for your registration in Red Hat OPEN / Red Hat Partner Connect: Quarkus0

This is a half-day hands-on virtual workshop, designed to introduce Quarkus to Java developers. There’s no need to travel anywhere, we’re coming to you!

In January of 2020, Quarkus won the DEVIES award for “Best innovation in: Code Frameworks/Libraries”. There is a huge industry buzz around Quarkus, as it is believed to be what Java and Java Developers have been waiting for to truly dive into a Microservices world. Quarkus is the new kid on the block but is already being used in production with a number of large customers. Quarkus is what the Java community has been waiting for.

Get Results Quickly 

  • For Java Developers, Quarkus is easy to pick up, with a very low learning curve. 
  • Quarkus is a great fit for serverless environments.
  • Quarkus has a rich ecosystem of extensions, again making it easy to pick up and get started with.
  • Quarkus has an incredibly quick startup time. 300x faster startup time than Java
  • Live coding - no wasting time deploying app - lower troubleshooting time
  • Quarkus has an active community backed by Red Hat

During this workshop, participants will use CodeReady Workspaces to develop Quarkus apps and deploy them to OpenShift 4. The workshop covers several developer topics, as they related to Quarkus, such as:

  • Dependency Injection
  • Testing Quarkus Apps
  • Debugging Quarkus Apps
  • Native compilation of Quarkus Apps
  • Deploying to OpenShift
  • Developing Cloud-Native with Quarkus
  • Using Quarkus extensions
  • Hibernate ORM with Panache
  • Event-driven Messaging
  • Streaming Data with Quarkus and AMQ Streams/Kafka
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Tracing Quarkus Apps with Jaeger and MicroProfile Tracing
  • Securing apps using MicroProfile JWT and Red Hat SSO


This is a virtual workshop and participants will need a PC connected to the internet with either Chrome or Firefox web browser. Additionally you need access to bluejeans and slack.


On completing this workshop you'll understand how to develop cloud-native applications with Quarkus and why it's the right choice for new Cloud-Native Applications.


10:00 CEST  

14:00 CEST




06 Oct 20


Virtual Event via BlueJeans Meeting

General requirements

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Attendee Statements

Red Hat OpenShift Infrastructure Architecture Workshop - Hursley, UK:

"Brilliant Workshop by an outstanding, skilled and motivated teacher"

Georg Ember (IBM)

Agile Integration Technical Workshop - Madrid, Spain:

"Agile Integration is a key component for successful digital transformation and Red Hat provides an extensive portfolio for this market!"

Norbert Steiner (Computacenter AG & Co oHG)