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Red Hat Deep Dive Technical Training - Advanced Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

Target audience: Delivery


This course covers the advanced use of OpenShift Virtualization. OpenShift Virtualization is a feature of OpenShift Container Platform that you can use to run and manage virtual machine workloads alongside container workloads. 

At the end of the course, students will be able to:            

  • Create and manage Linux and Windows virtual machines
  • Connect to virtual machines through a variety of consoles and CLI tools 
  • Import and clone existing virtual machines
  • Manage network interface controllers and storage disks attached to virtual machines 
  • Migrate virtual machines between nodes

This course covers as well the advanced installation of Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on Bare-metal nodes using methods: 

  • Install on Bare-Metal with Installer Provisioned Infrastructure (IPI) 
  • Install on Bare-Metal with user-provisioned infrastructure (UPI) 
  • Install on Bare-Metal using ISO images

This training covers the integration with OpenShift Container Storage: 

  • Using Local Devices 
  • Integrating with external Ceph

Telco advanced features: configuration of SRIOV, HugePages and cpu manager.


Day 1 - 5: 
09:00 Start
17:00 Closing

Time zone: CET (Central European Time)




24 – 28 Oct 22


Virtual Event via BlueJeans Meeting

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