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Architecture Workshop - Kubernetes Native Development with Quarkus

Target audience: Delivery, Developers, Sales Engineer


The Architecture Workshop - Kubernetes Native is a two-days learning experience for developers who want to understand and make use of the benefits of Quarkus in an OpenShift environment in their daily work. They learn everything they need to understand the concepts, the architectural principles and components of Quarkus and OpenShift and related products for successfully discussing and developing Cloud Native Applications at a customer site from a developer’s perspective.

Key Takeaways

  • Benefits of using Quarkus
  • Concepts of Quarkus
  • Basic understanding
  • Making use of Quarkus Dev Services
  • Understanding and using Quarkus to build a micro service
  • Developing Quarkus Apps with OpenShift
  • Using Source to Image
  • Understanding Serverless (Knative)
  • Deployment of Quarkus apps on OpenShift
  • Using and understanding of Kustomize and Helm Charts
  • Use OpenShift Pipelines (Tekton Pipelines) to do CI/CD
  • Use of ArgoCD and OpenShift GitOps


Day 1:
9:00 | Intro & Welcome
9:30 | Quarkus Introduction
10:30 | Break
10:45 | Working with Quarkus
12:15 | Lunch Break
13:15 | Application Packaging - Templates - Kustomize - Helm Charts
15:30 | Open Questions / Answers
16:00 | End Day 1

Day 2:
9:00 | Welcome
9:15 | Quarkus in a serverless world
10:45 | Break
11:00 | CI/CD - OpenShift Pipelines - Tekton - Working with examples
12:30 | Lunch Break
13:30 | GitOps - Basics / Concepts - Using ArgoCD - Working with the examples
15:30 | Open Questions / Answers / Closing
16:00 | End Day 2




28 Feb – 01 Mar 23

Online instructor-led

Virtual (instructor-led)

04 – 05 Apr 23

Online instructor-led

Virtual (instructor-led)

04 – 05 Jul 23

Online instructor-led

Virtual (instructor-led)

04 – 05 Sep 23

Online instructor-led

Virtual (instructor-led)

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