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Red Hat Deep Dive Technical Training - Red Hat OpenShift Post Install Configuration With Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management For Kubernetes

Target audience: Delivery


Attention name change: former VIRTUAL - Red Hat Deep Dive Technical Training - Advanced Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Deployment and Management

Red Hat OpenShift Clusters are not particularly useful right after deployment. This course teaches common post installation configuration tasks while taking a GitOps approach using Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Deploy and manage new OpenShift Clusters using Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes
  • Hibernate and resume OpenShift clusters to save hosting costs
  • Understand how to use a GitOps approach to manage cluster configuration
  • Understand how to use `kustomize` to create reusable YAML resource manifests
  • Understand which options exist to manage secret information
  • Distribute secret information to managed clusters in a secure fashion
  • Using GitOps methodology execute common post installation tasks like
    • Setting up Authentication using an LDAP directory
    • Syncing LDAP groups to OpenShift
    • Setting up Authorization
    • Installing and configuring additional Operators
  • Understand how to manage Certificates for Ingress Controllers using cert manager
  • Understand the basics of Hashicorp Vault for secret management
    • Understand the challenges of running Vault on top of OpenShift
  • Understand how to create and configure namespaces for development and production teams.


Only available for Red Hat Advanced and Premier Partners!

  • Understanding of networking and concepts such as routing and software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Understanding of containers and virtualization
  • Basic understanding of development life cycle and developer workflow
  • Ability to read and modify code

The prerequisites of the Learning Path “Red Hat Delivery Specialist - Container Platform Deployment II (OCP 4)” require approximately 40 hours of content to be completed.


Day 1 - 3
09:00 Start
17:00 Closing

Time zone: CET (Central European Time)




29 Nov – 01 Dec 22

Online instructor-led

Virtual (instructor-led)

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