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VIRTUAL - Red Hat Deep Dive Technical Training - Advanced Agile Integration with Red Hat Fuse

Target audience: Delivery


This virtual Deep Dive is an internal training for Red Hat employees. To make sure partners can also benefit from this training, we reserved a limited number of places for partners. We encourage you to register as quickly as possible to secure your place.

Advanced Agile Integration with Red Hat Fuse is an advanced course discussing various middleware technologies that power the agile integration portfolio offered by Red Hat.

This course covers Red Hat Fuse, which is the integration platform, and its constituent products: 

  • Red Hat Fuse Online, an integration PaaS
  • Red Hat Fuse as a standalone product
  • Red Hat Fuse for OpenShift Container Platform

Also covered is Red Hat AMQ, a messaging platform that can be deployed on-premise or as a messaging service on Red Hat OpenShift, as well as Red Hat 3scale API Management, which is used for discovering REST APIs implemented in Red Hat Fuse and for managing usage and billing for these APIs.

Students implement REST services using Camel DSL and Camel integration patterns, and deploy the executables locally or on Red Hat OpenShift. In addition, they work with the Camel AMQ components to perform messaging tasks using brokers hosted in either Red Hat OpenShift Online or Red Hat AMQ Online. Students use the Red Hat Fuse Online UI to create integrations hosted on Red Hat OpenShift Online to solve integration problems.

Students gain hands-on experience with all of the technologies that make up the agile integration stack. They learn how to design and implement real-world application integration use cases. They are able to connect different systems using Red Hat AMQ, and use Red Hat 3scale API Management to manage the APIs implemented using Camel. 

Login details to this online training will be provided via Email.


Red Hat Fuse 7 Foundations Part 1: Fuse Online

Red Hat Fuse 7 Foundations Part 2: Camel

Introduction to Red Hat Fuse 7 on OpenShift

Red Hat 3scale API Management Platform Foundations

Red Hat AMQ 7 Foundations



By completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop Camel routes that process CSV files, split them into individual records, and transform them into Java objects that are output as individual JSON files
  • Modify routes to read from a REST endpoint instead of a file and write the output to a message queue
  • Publish JSON records to message input queues and develop a strategy to correct and republish erroneous messages
  • Develop routes that process the account records in JSON format, and use enrichment and aggregation to create a more complete account record
  • Develop a Camel route that migrates a legacy SOAP service to a REST API microservice using a wizard available in the latest version of Red Hat Fuse Tooling
  • Develop a new integration and expose it as a REST API using the console in Red Hat Fuse Online
  • Change an integration API for Red Hat Fuse Online to allow service discovery by 3scale API Management 
  • Manage an API in 3scale API Management and route requests to an integration through the 3scale API Management gateway
  • Deploy routes to a project in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Use Red Hat AMQ Online brokers for messaging 


Day 1 - Day 4: 13:30 - 20:30 CET
Day 5: 13:30 - 17:00 CET

Time zone: CEST (Central European Summer Time)




General requirements

  • These trainings are for Red Hat Partners only!
  • All trainings (workshops, sales days, etc.) are available in ENGLISH ONLY!
  • Any question about your partner status or how to become a Red Hat Partner - get in contact with our partner team.
  • Bring your own laptop with a working browser!

Access to OPEN

Most of the trainings require prerequisites: online courses that have to be enrolled in OPEN (Online Partner Enablement Network). You need to have an active Red Hat Partner Account to access OPEN.

Please see our "How to Guide" to join an existing partner company account. If you do have questions in regards to this please contact the EMEA Partner Team.

Attendee Statements

Red Hat OpenShift Infrastructure Architecture Workshop - Hursley, UK:

"Brilliant Workshop by an outstanding, skilled and motivated teacher"

Georg Ember (IBM)

Agile Integration Technical Workshop - Madrid, Spain:

"Agile Integration is a key component for successful digital transformation and Red Hat provides an extensive portfolio for this market!"

Norbert Steiner (Computacenter AG & Co oHG)