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Certified Cloud and Service Provider Partner Program – Partner Success and Application

VSHN was founded with the intention to fundamentally shake up the hosting market. As a lean startup, we have focused on operating IT platforms through automation, agility and a continuous improvement process. Completely location-independent and without our own hardware, cloud or datacenters, we operate and run our customers applications according to the DevOps principle agile and 24/7 on every infrastructure, so that software developers can concentrate on their business and IT operations are relieved.

Red Hat and Red Hat OpenShift have been an important pillar for our success from the beginning and the CCSP program fits perfectly into our future growth strategy and innovations."

Markus Speth, chief marketing officer, VSHN - The DevOps Company

Partner case study: VSHN powers DevOps with container PaaS built on Red Hat OpenShift

VSHN disrupts the hosting market by focusing on operating IT platforms through automation, agility, and a continuous improvement process. The partnership with Red Hat ensures VSHN customers have the speed and scale to accommodate immediate changes and deployments both on-premise and in the cloud.

Partnering with Red Hat

As the pace of development accelerates to leverage the benefits of cloud-native applications, organisations have become dependent upon a wealth of rapidly evolving opensource technologies to meet the challenges this acceleration presents. UKCloud has long recognized Red Hat's commitment to adopting opensource projects and they provide an enterprise layer of development, security, support and governance that helps to provide assurance to our heavily regulated customers. They are, in turn, then able to harness the benefits of open source to deliver digital services directly to citizens without compromising the required high levels of performance, assurance, and scalability.

As Red Hat's only Premier CCSP partner in the UK and Ireland, we have found that we share a common understanding of a customer's journey to cloud and actively work together in defining services which meet their digital transformation needs; either on-premises, on public cloud, or across a multi-cloud environment."

Stephen Dixon – product manager, UKCloud

Red Hat CCSP's help promote hybrid cloud in EMEA


The Red Hat CCSP partner program provides partners with skills, certification, and access to local Red Hat specialists, so they can deliver high-quality cloud services using the latest open source technologies."

Colin Fisher, Director Certified Cloud Service Provider EMEA, Red Hat

CCSP partner program highlights

Some highlights of the Red Hat EMEA CCSP partner program include:

  • Pay-as-you-go hourly, monthly, and annual models
  • Premium (24x7) Red Hat support for all infrastructure components, and
  • Compliant ability to offer Red Hat solutions in the cloud or as a managed service.

Become a Red Hat EMEA CCSP in three easy steps.

Step 1: Application

Create a login on the Red Hat Partner Connectarrow home page. When you “Apply for Partnership,” choose “Service/Cloud Provider.

Step 2: Eligibility

A CCSP partner program representative will follow up promptly to ensure you qualify for the program.

Step 3: Registration

You're good to go. Return to Red Hat Partner Connectarrow to get your CCSP journey started.

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