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Red Hat Partner Programs

Successful digital transformation includes all aspects of the IT organization, including people, processes, and technology. Transform your customer's digital approach with Red Hat®. We work closely with you to develop and deliver solutions through thoughtfully developed partner programs. The programs are designed to provide you with the tools you need today and further develop your expertise to continue to strengthen your position in the market.


Build and sell software applications.

Creators and sellers of software running on Red Hat
  • Developer support
  • Technology access (NFRs)
  • Application certification
  • Reselling and embedding agreements
  • Go-to-market support

Certified Cloud & Service Provider

Offer public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure and services built on Red Hat technologies.

Service providers offering cloud, hosting, and managed services
  • Global program
  • On-demand consumption based model
  • No start-up fees
  • Cloud access - move subscriptions between on premise and cloud

Global System Integrators

Implement technology solutions for customers.

System integration and solutions for global enterprise customers
  • Global program
  • Consistent across all regions
  • Complimentary developer subscription
  • Center of Excellence and Software Solutions Creation Packs

Solution Provider

Develop, sell, and implement solutions based on Red Hat technologies and your IP.

Solution driven providers of products, services, and integration
  • Free sales & technical training
  • Sales & presales support
  • Transactional discounts available
  • Access to deal registration rebate
  • Technology access (NFRs)

Technology Reseller

Volume resell Red Hat subscriptions and solutions.

  • Focus on driving volume sales
  • Build lasting customer relationships
  • Offer subscription-based and consumption-based products
  • Expand sales opportunities through skills development

Explore more about the opportunities and resources available to support your go-to-market motions at Red Hat Partner Connect

Why partner with Red Hat
In a world that increasingly values open technology and an open culture, partner with the world's leading provider of open source enterprise IT solutions.
Trusted open source innovation
Growth opportunities
Expand skill set

Organizations are increasingly turning to enterprise open source solutions to support their business transformation initiatives. Red Hat sets the standard for taking open source to the enterprise with a complete portfolio and extensive partner ecosystem. By partnering with Red Hat, you engage in a collaborative network that encourages standardization and helps solve customer issues faster. You'll be able to take advantage of opportunities for new revenue streams and to expand your skill set to successfully address the IT challenges of today and tomorrow.

How to partner with Red Hat
Whether you build, provide services, or sell, Red Hat has programs designed to support your go-to-market motions.

Today's partners wear many hats and may offer more than one go-to-market motion. With Red Hat, you can select your engagement model by focusing on your strengths and leveraging associated tool sets.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Certified Cloud & Service Providers (CCSPs), and Solution Providers all build products and solutions. Red Hat offers resources to optimize their solutions for scalability, interoperability, and flexibility.

Global Systems Integrators (GSIs), Solution Providers, and CCSPs offer services, consulting, and integration capabilities and can benefit from developing their skills to expand their service revenue.

Some Solution Providers, ISVs, CCSPs and Technology Resellers focus their efforts on sales. These partners can build lasting customer relationships by offering Red Hat subscription-based and consumption-based products, consulting, and integration services.
No matter how you go to market, Red Hat can help increase your success.

How Red Hat supports its partner ecosystem
Transformation requires skill. Benefit from Red Hat resources designed to assist in developing skills and support go-to-market activities focused on your customers greatest IT challenges. Red Hat
IT optimization

Transform your existing IT infrastructure

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Improve & accelerate IT service delivery

Cloud-native development

Build innovative application faster

Agile integration

Integrate your application & services


Automate infrastructure & applications

A leader in open source innovation, Red Hat works with you to broaden your skills and execute a go-to-market strategy that positions you as the expert. Learn more about how to address the issues that keep your customers up at night, including IT optimization, hybrid cloud infrastructures, cloud-native application development, agile integration, and automation.

Technical and sales training
Access resources
Build skills
Access technology
Drive demand
Customer support
Partnership protection

As a Red Hat partner, you'll have access to tools that assist in developing your skill set around open source, allowing you to engage with even more customers and deliver solutions to address their needs. With skill enablement, training, online resources, learning paths, and access to marketing, sales, and engineering resources, Red Hat helps expand your base of knowledge.

Why partner with Red Hat

In a world that increasingly values open technology and an open culture, partner with the world's leading provider of open source enterprise IT solutions. Here's why:

Partnering with Red Hat