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Line of business managers have taken charge of IT decision making. Now solutions are the key to new opportunities. Red Hat Solutions+ provides a winning framework to develop and market joint solutions that attract customers’ attention and increase sales.

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deliver complete, flexible solutions
Deliver complete, flexible solutions
deliver complete, flexible solutions
Easily integrate open source innovation
deliver complete, flexible solutions
Expand market awareness and penetration

In Solutions+ we build together a solution brief. The Red Hat Solution Briefs for the EMEA Partner Ecosystem will provide an overview of what repeatable solutions are available as of today!

IDC* states in their studies that partners should focus on their specific niche and need to be authentic. To provide business relevant solutions we need to team up to develop, implement and support end2end solutions in the long run. Customers are asking for granular resolutions based on single tasks, instead of buying huge platforms. Therefore the capability to demonstrate granular, flexible solutions in a timely manner is key.

*IDC, Channels and Alliances Predictions, 2021 and Beyond, Jun 2021 - Market Perspective - Doc # US47839621

Visibility is key - Solution Briefs are, alongside reference cases, a sales multiplier based on ready2run solutions provided by the partner ecosystem. Now we create a place to share!

Published Solution Briefs

Businesses seek to thrive in a fast-moving, digital world. With the market ever changing, companies need solutions that target their industry, their vision, and their goals.

With Solutions+ Red Hat® and its partners develop and document solutions that meet customers' evolving needs – view the existing solution briefsarrow for ideas on how you could benefit. You can search by industry and business challenge to see examples relevant to your business.

If you have a solution ready or an idea to develop, please follow the steps in the Tools for success pagearrow or contact us at solutions-plus-emea@redhat.comarrow