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Benefits and Resources

Each partner tier offers specific benefits designed to assist partners in expanding their knowledge of open source practices and Red Hat products. For details on requirements and benefits, refer to the Partner Program Guide. Benefits vary according to partner tier.

For details on program requirements and benefits, refer to the Partner Program Guide.

The Partner Program Guide provides you with an overview of the Partner Program that you can share with colleagues or use for reference purposes.

General Solution Provider Partner Program benefits

By partnering with Red Hat as a Solution Provider, you'll have access to a wealth of resources.

Partner Directory Listing

Gain exposure through's partner search

Partner E-Newsletters

Get the latest news from Red Hat

Success Story Eligibility

Submit proposals for possible formal success stories

Solution based Marketing Collateral and Campaigns

Access latest information on all Red Hat products, services, and campaigns

Red Hat Partner Connect

Red Hat Partner Connectarrow is the starting point for all Red Hat business partners. There, partners can find a variety of helpful resources, from content libraries to training. Red Hat Partner Connect provides partners with access to the knowledge base required to open new opportunities and expand their business.

Manage your Business

Manage your account, user administration, status, requirements, and browse How-To Guides

Access Key Tools

Request NFR subscriptions, register and manage qualified opportunities, contact Red Hat, and get latest news and content

Obtain Sales and technical Content

Download logos, access sales playbooks, sales kits, product pricing, sales content, and competitive insights

Leverage Marketing and Sales Tools

Access Partner Marketing Center for marketing resources and webinars

Browse Sales and Technical Content

Visit Connect Hub for dynamic content, available whenever you need

Red Hat Partner skills development

Organizations need to digitally transform their business to survive in today's data-driven market. To be successful, digital transformation must include all aspects of the IT organization, including culture, process, and technology. Through open source innovation, Red Hat has been able to successfully address these issues and actively looks to share its expertise with our partners through complimentary skills development initiatives.

Red Hat Partner Training Portal

Role-specific, self-paced and instructor-assisted-led training courses

Sales and Technical Seminars

Designed for partners covering topics such as sales know how, best practices and product sales training

Technical Training Discount

Discounts off the MSRP price on Red Hat technical training courses

Online Technical Library – Connect Hub

Easy-to-use database of tagged, searchable resources

Red Hat Product Demo System

Online demos created by Red Hat technical experts

Solution Provider Partner Program sales benefits

Red Hat is committed to providing the sales-enabling and revenue-generating tools required that assist partners in developing successful, continuing business with Red Hat. These include potential discounts and financial incentives, to free online training programs, to technical and marketing support. Note: benefits vary according to partner tier.

Opportunity Reward Program

Acquire additional margin when you identify 'new business'

Access transactional Discounts

Benefit from higher tiers with Red Hat's transactional volume discounts

Renewals annuity Business

Be eligible for subscription renewal revenue upon your client's subscription expiration

Access to Red Hat Sales Resources

Network with sales teams to coordinate efforts to close sales opportunities

Demand-Generation Campaigns

Participate in Red Hat created demand-generation campaigns

Market Development Funds (MDF)

Request market funds for activities designed to drive brand awareness and lead generation

Solution Provider Partner Program marketing resources

Solution Providers receive access to customizable product and marketing collateral and templates designed to enable the creation of materials focused on Red Hat solutions. Logos, messaging, featured campaigns, and brand guidance are available. Note that tier level and geographic restrictions may apply.

Partner Program Certificate

Receive a certificate to market your open source expertise and Red Hat relationship

Partner Program Logo with Specialization Mark

Market your Red Hat relationship with membership level logos

Campaign templates and Guidelines

Use latest Red Hat marketing campaign materials and brand reference guidelines

Partnership Plaque

Advanced and Premier Solution Providers may receive a physical plaque to display their partnership and program membership level with Red Hat

Not for resale subscription (NFR'S)

Access Red Hat subscriptions for the purpose of sales, marketing, enablement, training and demos

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