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Red Hat Solution Provider Partner Program Specifics

To Red Hat, being open is about more than just technology; it's the way we operate and do business. We are committed to sharing knowledge with you and helping you succeed.

The Red Hat Solution Provider Partner Program is a multi-tiered partner model designed to offer partners the resources needed to help grow their open source practices and more easily develop open solutions. There are three different levels; Ready, Advanced, or Premier. Each tier features specific benefits. Partners can advance to the next level to take advantage of additional resources as they level up their skill set.

For details on program requirements and benefits, refer to the Partner Program Guide.

The Partner Program Guide provides you with an overview of the Partner Program that you can share with colleagues or use for reference purposes.

Choose your level of engagement

Resources are awarded depending on a partner's tier, whether it is Ready, Advanced, or Premier. A partner's tier is determined by demonstrating competencies required at that level. Developing your skills and receiving accreditation in areas of specialization, such as Middleware Solutions, Datacenter Infrastructure, and Cloud Infrastructure, helps you advance to a different tier. This multi-tiered structure that gives you the flexibility to work with Red Hat in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

Ready Business partner

Enables Partners to grow open source practice while building Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red-Hat Middleware and Red Hat Cloud competency. Ready Business Partners have access to a variety of marketing collateral, tools and access to software.

Advanced Business Partner

Partners who have reached the Advanced membership level have consistently met sales targets and expectations defined in program guide. The Advanced business Partner has access to advanced sales benefits such as Opportunity Reward Program and higher NAT tiers, along with other benefits.

Premier Business Partner

The Premier level is for partners that have a strategic relationship with Red Hat, and that provide the highest contribution to Red Hat and the Red Hat partner ecosystem. Premier Business Partners have the highest level of visibility at Red Hat and in the marketplace.

Become accredited by developing skill sets

Advance to the next tier and increase your benefits by developing and validating your sales and technical expertise through accreditation. Red Hat awards two types of accreditation; role-based accreditation and partner-level accreditation. Role-based accreditation is for partner employees who complete the prescribed skills track curriculum, including online assessments, in one of three areas: sales specialists, sales engineers, and delivery specialists. Partner-level accreditation is obtained when a certain number of employees have completed the respective skills accreditations required in any of the three areas of specialization.

There are multiple ways to develop your skills, such as complimentary, self-paced online courses and in-person workshops that combine lab, video, and classroom training.

The Online Partner Enablement NetworkarrowThe Red Hat Partner Training Portal offers a self-paced, complimentary role-based training and accreditation. The Red Hat Partner Training Portal offers content structured according to your role, whether you are in sales, in a technical sales role, or installing the solution once it's been sold. It provides the appropriate tools to have conversations that resonate specifically with the people with whom each role interacts. Our Partner Enablement workshopsarrow are hands-on, guided classes that cover a condensed skills development opportunity. After participating in a workshop, partners receive accreditation by taking the exam found in the Red Hat Partner Training Portal.

Red Hat also offers certifications that span our entire technology portfolio, validating IT professionals and ensuring they are ready to take on the most ambitious projects in the face of evolving technology challenges. These certifications are available through the Global Learning System (GLS)arrow for a fee, which may be discounted according to the partner tier. Experienced Red Hat experts cover real-world use cases, helping your employees improve efficiency and productivity.

Specialize for differentiation

Differentiate yourself from competitors and stand out in the market through specialization. Red Hat offers three core areas of specialization that help your customers easily identify who you are, what you do, and why they need your help. Data Center Infrastructure specialists focus on the reliability of core systems and improving flexibility for future expansion. Middleware specialists develop applications that assist organizations in being able to do business better. They might focus on integrating new capabilities into a customer's overall IT through agile integration or help them take advantage of cloud economics through cloud-native application development. Cloud Infrastructure specialists focus on customer pain points in creating or managing private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Reflect your specialization through sales and marketing collateral. Continue to develop these skills through training and certification offerings. And apply your specialized expertise using the technical resources provided for each specialization area. Accreditation is granted once you meet the base skill requirements for that specialization on a company level.