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Market perspective:
"Culture, Diversity and Inclusion" - Red Hat EMEA

Addressing Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion in EMEA: The Red Hat Way

This Market Perspective highlights the vibrant and broad-ranging discussion between IDC's Margaret Adam (Associate VP, European Services, Channels and Alliances Ecosystems) and two leading female executives from Red Hat: EMEA's Petra Heinrich (VP Partners and Alliances) and Dunja Heinrich (Director of Human Resources (People Team)). It tackles everything from cultural differences, diversity, leadership, talent, inclusion, and organisational and cultural changes that digital transformation will necessitate, and critically, what open source culture can teach us about addressing these issues.

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Partner Spotlight: Adfinis

Multicloud Container Platform: Adfinis SyGroup Delivers Sustainable Transformation with Red Hat Technologies to Propel IoT‐Driven Innovation

In this IDC Partner Spotlight, we look at how Adfinis SyGroup has leveraged Red Hat's OpenShift platform to develop IT solutions and cloud-native applications to help its customers modernise workloads using containers, develop an open and interoperable multicloud strategy as a foundation for digital transformation, and execute on their data analytics, IoT and robotics initiatives. Includes a case study on Vorwerk.

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Partner Spotlight: Atos - Application Modernisation

Red Hat and Atos Innovate for Successfful Application Modernisation and Digital Platforms: An Executive Summary of Atos Managed OpenShift (AMOS)

In the IDC Partner Executive Summary and Spotlight, we highlight how Red Hat and Atos have co-invested to develop Atos Managed OpenShift (AMOS) – a managed service designed to help large, global enterprise customers with complex and fragmented application environments, through the process of modernising their applications and deploying a platform strategy.

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Partner Spotlight: Atos - Digital Transformation

Red Hat and Atos partner to help European governments embrace Digital Transformation

This IDC Partner Spotlight analyzes the latest trends in government digital transformation (DX) and advises government executives on the key issues, which IDC has broken down into five main "dimensions," to consider when starting or progressing along the digital transformation journey. It discusses how European governments leveraged the Red Hat Atos partnership to start the journey toward digital transformation and the technology and organizational change lessons they learned along the way.

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Partner Spotlight: Capgemini

Capgemini Helps Businesses Containerize Existing and Modern Workloads with Red Hat OpenShift to Become Cloud and Digital Native

In this IDC Partner Spotlight, we showcase how Capgemini is helping customers to become cloud native and develop a hybrid cloud strategy with its cloud and PaaS solutions built with Red Hat® OpenShift. This IDC Spotlight includes a case study on how Capgemini is helping a European carmaker to implement an OpenShift-based solution.

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Partner Spotlight: Catworkx

Modernise, Standardise and Scale the Atlassian Environment with the catworkx Red Hat OpenShift‐Based Teamworkx Cloud Platform

In this Partner Spotlight, IDC explores the challenges end users face in Atlassian environments and the value that catworkx and Red Hat bring with Teamworkx Cloud to address them.

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Partner Spotlight: Computacenter - Needs of the Digital Customer

Red Hat and Computacenter: Meeting the Needs of the Digitally Determined Customer

In this IDC Partner Spotlight, we analyse Computacenter's three-pronged go-to-market strategy and its new investments in services and solutions. We also explore Computacenter's strategic partnership with Red Hat, and how this has supported and accelerated its transformation.

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Partner Spotlight: Computacenter - Partnering Best Practice

Red Hat's Innovative Approach to Strategic Partner Planning.

This Partner Spotlight analyses the core areas of best practice that Red Hat® exhibits through its new partnering framework and how it has strengthened its relationship with Computacenter through this initiative.

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Partner Spotlight: Dell Technologies

Priority Boarding for SAP Data Hub: Dell Technologies and Red Hat Partner to Feed the Intelligent Core

This IDC Partner Spotlight describes the multipartner architecture proposition that Red Hat and Dell Technologies have developed around a tested reference architecture for SAP Data Hub. The architecture includes Dell Technologies' compute, storage, and integration capabilities, combined with Red Hat's OpenShift and CEPH storage software. It is aimed at simplifying and shortening deployment of SAP Data Hub in the enterprise customer base.

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Partner Spotlight: Devoteam

The Digital-Native Enteprise: The Red Hat and Devoteam Success Formula

Across all industries, enterprises are on a mission to reinvent themselves as technology companies &nash; to transform operations and business models using new digital capabilities. For many enterprises, digital transformation has evolved well beyond the hype. We have seen industry leaders massively embracing digital as a business imperative and exploring revolutionary use cases that have the power to introduce new levels of productivity and new revenue streams.

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Partner Spotlight: Dominion Digital

Achieving business objectives by enhancing their processes and architectures.

Organizations are being impacted by digital transformation, and IT enterprise architecture can help facilitate that journey. This IDC partner spotlight presents examples of companies achieving business objectives by enhancing their processes and architectures, using open source solutions across the stack. It shows how Dominion Digital partners with Red Hat to deliver results for its customers.

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Partner Spotlight: Essi Projects

How Essi Projects and Red Hat Helped Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Deploy a Complete DevOps Container-Based Microservices App Platform

This IDC Partner Spotlight illustrates how the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), an innovative online university, worked with Red Hat® partner Essi Projects to adapt its ageing IT infrastructure for its emerging business needs to support its growth plans.

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Partner Spotlight: Fujitsu

Fujitsu and Red Hat's Integrated Solution to Enable Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation

This Partner Spotlight discusses the PRIMEFLEX Integrated System offering from Fujitsu and Red Hat, as well as the digital transformation platform demo initiative attached to the Integrated System.

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Partner Spotlight: HPE

Creating a Platform for the Real‐Time Enterprise: The Red Hat, HPE, and SAP Alliance

IDC believes that organizations that can rearchitect for scale using the DX platform approach outlined here will be the most likely to successfully digitally transform their operations in the next three to five years. IDC predicts that by 2020, the number of companies that will have deployed DX platform strategies will have more than doubled to 60% of organizations.

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Partner Spotlight: Puzzle

Application Modernization at a Tipping Point: Red Hat and Puzzle Partner to Accelerate Time-to-Market for Application Modernization

Business Leaders Under Pressure to Deliver on the Digital Business Needs of Today:
The current economic climate has reinforced the importance of digital transformation. Business leaders across Europe are seeking ways to improve organizational agility, customer experience, and employee experience and, of course, drive competitive advantage in the process…

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Partner Spotlight: West Trax

Preparing for transformation to a digital platform in the SAP Hana context with West Trax and Red Hat

As IDC DX research shows that most companies are still in the early stages of transforming their operating models, they need to baseline where they are today, to properly understand the journey to where they need to be tomorrow. West Trax, an SAP system-usage benchmarking and advisory services firm, based in Hahnstaetten, Germany, and a Red Hat and SAP partner, offers a unique maturity assessment of organizations' use of their SAP systems. This allows organizations to baseline the current state of their SAP systems and to assess the steps and effort needed to move to a new SAP system such as SAP S/4HANA.

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