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IT-Power Services

What do mountain biking and Red Hat have in common?

Werner Höger, CEO of our partner IT-Power Services GmbH from Austria, is an avid mountain biker. To ensure that the customers for his service provision company do not take a wrong turn in IT, he keeps them on track with OpenShift environments and automation platforms from Red Hat in numerous data centres. The video reveals how he draws further parallels between his favourite sport and Red Hat.


View and use work time as well invested living time: that is the philosophy of Daniel Knözinger, Sales Unit Manager at Bechtle. For him, that primarily means treating every interaction with customers and partners with professionalism and respect – and thus to successfully drive the digitalisation of business processes. What role do Red Hat and Open Source have to play in it all? Find out in this video.


Originally, Edgar Reiter, CEO of our partner Axians Austria, wanted to become a hotel and restaurant tester. Despite that he has found his calling in his current position: Working with customers and partners, he might not be reviewing accommodation and meals – but he is reviewing at a much higher standard - the quality of IT and innovations. The interpersonal aspect of the company is also worthy of five stars. See the video for more insights:


What do small clubs have in common with dualutions, a premium partner of Red Hat? The very close contact. At small clubs, fans have the opportunity to get close to the action and the band. At dualutions, customers enjoy a very close relationship with the company. The partnership with Red Hat is of strategic importance to dualutions, as Red Hat places great emphasis on partners, both as people and companies.

You can find more insights into the partnership between dualutions and Red Hat in the blog and video.


Jan Skelbaek, CEO at Miracle believes in celebrating team success, both in sports and in the workplace. Hooked on open source and its benefits, he's passionate about helping Danish customers to embrace its possibilities. Watch the video to learn how Miracle and Red Hat work as a collaborative team to help customers achieve benefits and cost savings with open source.


Kubernetes evangelist Rasheed Amir, CEO at Skakter, is passionate about making Kubernetes adoption effortless for enterprises. In common with Red Hat's vision, he's dedicated to powering innovation through open source and contributing to the open source community. Watch the video to hear how Rasheed uses strategic thinking to address complex problems and create considered action plans that unleash the power of open source.


Michael Marz, principal consultant at Devoteam, not only values the mental challenge of the board game "Go", but also the interaction and contact with like-minded people. Is this what makes the Open Source community so special? We are pleased to be able to pass on our fascination for open code to our partners. Would you like more insights into the cooperation? Then check out the video.


Daniel Braunsdorf, founder and managing partner of our partner Viada, knows that a similar corporate structure forges connections, particularly when trust is the basis. However, the passion for open standards and culture is not the only thing that Red Hat shares with the partner company, but also the interest in containerization and cloud services.

Find out more about this field and the collaboration in the blog and video.


A company is more than just the sum of its parts: Amazing things can be achieved when people buy into a productive company culture! Norbert Steiner, Solution Manager at Computacenter, presents his idea of open source, culture and partnership in this video.

The human factor also plays a role in the blog of project managers Nina Kohl and Anna-Maria Sperber: They take a look at new role profiles that have come about as a result of digitalisation.


Underwater rugby, beavers and infrastructure automation – these are the topics dealt with in the blog and video of our partner SVA. Is there a connection? Indeed there is! Thomas Bludau of SVA explains why manually delivered resources can cause discontent among IT teams, and why he would rather burn off energy with some water sports, rather than relax and recharge his batteries. Check it out now.


Agriculture has a surprising number of similarities to the IT industry: Customer relationships are like a field, which only thrives and bears fruit with a lot of care. And there are large silos in IT as well – which, according to our customer Consol, are an unnecessary obstacle in the way of automation.

Andreas Letsche and Oliver Weise provide more insights in their blog and video.


Working with the right business partners is like working with good friends – says Marius Fehlemann of BitBone.

Our Red Hat partner is at home in the world of open source and does not get lost in the buzzword jungle: In the Red Hat Open Journal, he writes about the game changer that is the Hybrid Cloud. What is behind it and what are its benefits?


With every transformation, IT has to be put to the test. But that is far from being all there is to it – it is always about adapting the corporate culture. Jens Kassert and Christoph Steinhauer from PROFI AG shed light on this in their blog post.

Watch the video to find out what they have in common with Red Hat on a personal level.


In our new series "We are navigators", we are giving people and companies who advance technologies and innovations with us a platform – our Red Hat partners.

In his blog article in Open Journal, Jens Niedernhöfer from Crayon navigates us through the container jungle and on the path to the right cloud provider, and gives us his own personal insights in a video.