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Incumbency incentive for renewals

piggy bank

5% margin

for your renewal!
save money
Do you invest in influencing customers to adopt Red Hat Products?
Do you use the Opportunity Reward Program (ORP)?
Do you find yourself under pressure from other partners when it comes to Renewal?

Then our Incumbency incentive is for you!

Your benefit

Claim 5% margin for every renewal opportunity approved under the Opportunity Reward Program.

How can I apply for the Incumbency incentive?
  • You need to be an active Red Hat Premier or Advanced Partner
  • Providing you had the original Opportunity closed via the opportunity Reward Program for the new business and you can demonstrate your pro-activity in developing the customer for Red Hat, then you could be eligible to register an Opportunity Reward Program for the renewal.
  • You must be able to demonstrate your influence on the customer's adoption and growth of Red Hat products
    • You do have an active sales pipeline with Red Hat registered via Opportunity Reward Program for the next 12 months, or
    • You have closed sales opportunities via Opportunity Reward Program in the previous 12 months
  • 5% margin will be applied during transaction when closing the opportunity
  • Public Sector (GOE) is excluded under this initiative!
Are you interested?

For more information on the Opportunity Reward Program and process, please speak with your Partner Account Manager.